This is a secret blog.


So I have a crush on this guy (let’s call him nate) and I don’t know how to act/feel about it - partially because I’ve never had a crush on a real person before (as in non - celebrity wise). Sometimes I feel like the feelings are mutual but then it could just be me imagining things because I *want* the feelings to be mutual.

At the same time, I have this other guy (let’s call him leon) that really likes me and admitted to being really attracted to me but he’s 7 years older so I don’t want to get with him (plus I really wanna try it with nate). I’ve told him this so many times and yet he just keeps messaging me to say how attractive he thinks I am and I’m just really stuck as to how to get rid of him without being a bitch about it.

So yeah, that’s what’s been up lately.

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If you’re from my school and you find my Tumblr, just know this.

This is my blog and my own personal feelings. I don’t care if you don’t like me, you don’t like my posts, or even if you believe that I’m a totally different person on Tumblr, you need to keep everything I post on here between us. I come on Tumblr because it’s my only escape from having to deal with all those hypocrites, judgmental people, and even those backstabbing people. But everything that you read, everything that you see on here stays between us and only us.  


How do I get myself to be motivated and driven to pass these exams?! Like I had 6 days in total to revise for two of my exams and I’ve done fuck all! I’ve only got 2 days left now and I just can’t do it. It feels like I just don’t care anymore, but I want to.

I doesn’t help that my mum’s brother’s family were here today because they were talking about some argument and I could hear it from my room upstairs.

I wish some how I could feed all this information into my head; I wish I could freeze time; I wish it wasn’t so sunny!

We hardly ever get sun here so now that we have it, it drains me and just taunts me to leave revision to spend another lazy day out in the sun.

Look at all these followers that find me interesting: 0.


So I’m just here revising by myself again, only by semi-choice. I don’t even know anyone here it’s so ugh. Worse thing is, what I’m revising using even going into my memory.

I wonder if anyone’ll ever find this blog; I mean I don’t interact with anyone or use hash tags. I want to be found but I don’t want to be found either.

More Exams

I have yet another exam tomorrow morning and I feel too exhausted to revise for it. I don’t know anything about it and now I’m just trying to work out what overall grade an A and a U would get me…

Tumblr’s so distracting, I’ve spent 4 hours doing nothing but scrolling through my feed; actually, make that 5.


I was revising with my bestfriend and his other friend but then they decided to go and see another one of their friends; instead of asking me if I wanted to go with them, they just said bye and left me here by myself. Even my bestfriend.

I don’t get it, am I just that boring or do my friends just like being assholes to me.

I’ve got the exam in a couple of minutes so I think I’ll stop pondering this and cram some last bit of info in.

I think I’ll just try and stay away from my bestfriend because it seems that he prefers it that way.